Gilles Parmentier

Research Interests

I'm currently interested in gene expression patterns, and more specifically in using ontologies for expression patterns evolution. We are developping OGee, an Ontology for Gene Expression pattern Evolution. Based on this ontology, we also develop a dataBase for Gene Expression Evolution, BGee. BGee allows queries such as "retrieve all genes that are expressed in the brain of adult human and embryo of mouse", or "retrieve all genes that have a similar expression pattern in adult human and adult zebrafish".


Curriculum Vitae

Born 16/8/1975, Thessaloniki, Greece

First assistant, University of Lausanne, Department of Ecology and Evolution. Advisor: Marc Robinson-Rechavi

Post-Doc, Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon. Advisors: Vincent Laudet, Marc Robinson-Rechavi

PhD, Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble, Laboratoire Informatique et Distribution. Advisors: Denis Trystram, Frederic Guinand

Master in Computer Science. Advisor: Denis Trystram


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