Guillaume Evanno

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Research interests

I am interested in various aspects of evolutionary biology. During my PhD I used population genetics and quantitative genetics tools to study the evolutionary forces that shape the differentiation of snails populations. Through the simulation of various realistic situations, I also investigated the ability of the Bayesian method implemented in the software Structure to infer the number of cluster of individuals based on multilocus genotypic data. Then in an approach combining community ecology and population genetics, I studied the links between species diversity and genetic diversity in a metacommunity of freshwater gastropods.

My other interests are linked to behavioral ecology and conservation biology. My Master project dealt with sexual selection in hermaphrodites and currently I work on "good genes" models in fish. I use a combination of tools including neutral molecular markers, MHC-linked markers and quantitative genetics crossing designs to investigate the variation in reproductive success and genetic quality in different species. From a conservation perspective, our goal is to help improving current supportive breeding strategies to preserve the long-term viability of fish populations.


Curriculum vitae

Born on July 3, 1978 in Vannes, France.

INRA Research scientist in Rennes.


Postdoc ("Premier assistant") in Claus Wedekind's group.


Phd supervised by Emmanuel Castella and Jérôme Goudet: "Community wide assessment of genetic diversity: the example of freshwater gastropods".


Master degree (DEA) in Evolutionary Eco-Ethology in University of Rennes (France): " Multiple mating and paternity in the simultaneous hermaphroditic snail Helix aspersa ".


Bachelor degree in biology of populations and ecosystems in Rennes, one semester in University College Cork (Ireland) as Erasmus student.


Studies in Biology in University of Rennes and Vannes.


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