Meunier Joël

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Research Interests

I am interested in evolutionary conflicts, parasitology and the evolution of sociality.
My PhD project is builded on recent studies of the social structure and genetics of the ant Formica selysi. The evolution of complex societies is associated with a network of genetic, ecological and behavioural changes, and the reciprocal interactions between these elements remain poorly known. In particular, the evolution of social insect colonies with multiple queens is a puzzle for evolutionary biologists and a challenge to kin selection theory.
During my PhD, I will study the link between social structure and dispersal, the cause and consequence of sex ratio variations and the effect of social structure on the resolution of genetic conflicts among colony members.


Curriculum Vitae

Born on July 26, 1982 in Montpellier, France (34). 2005- PhD thesis supervised by Michel Chapuisat. "Evolution of breeding system and social conflict in ants". Université de Lausanne, Swizterland. 2004-05 Master degree in Ecology, Biodiversity and Evolution at the University Paris XI: "Oviposition of Aedes aegypti in a parasited world: adaptation of host or parasite?" supervised by Jacob Koella (UPMC - Paris, France) 2000-04 Biology studies at the University Montpellier II, France: (2004) "Mecanisms of the chemical interaction of Scarabeus laticollis" supervised by Laurent Dormont (CEFE - Montpellier, France)


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