Karen M. Parker

Curriculum Vitae | Dataset

Curriculum Vitae

1999 -
Lab technician with Dr. Laurent Keller, Institute of Ecology, University of Lausanne

2000 - 2001
Lab technician with Dr. Luca Fumagalli, Laboratory for Conservation Genetics, University of Lausanne

1993 - 1999
Research specialist with Dr. Phil Hedrick, Biology Department, Arizona State university, Tempe, Arizona USA

1990 - 1993
Senior research technician, Vollum Institute for Advanced Biomedical Research, Oregon Health Sciences University, Portland, Oregon USA

M.S. in biology, University of Missouri

1983 - 1990
Medical research technician, Washington University Medical School, St. Louis, Missouri USA

B.A. in biology, University of Missouri



DNA fly lab supplement Supplementary files described in: Parker, J. D., R.E. Ziemba, S. Cahan, and S.W. Rissing 2004. An hypothesis driven molecular phylogenetics exercise for college biology students. Biomedical and Molecular Biology Education (In Press).


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