Maud Giorgi

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Research Interests

My PhD is part of a project on the host-parasite interactions in collaboration with Prof. Peter Vogel, Raphaël Arlettaz and Philippe Christe. We are interested on two sympatric species of bats the greater and lesser mouse-eared bat (Myotis myoti and Myotis blythii) and their ectoparasite, a mite (Spinturnix myoti, Acarina, Mesostigmata). Despite their coexistence in nursery roots, the two sibling species have an interspecific difference in the prevalence of this mite. So, we would like to understand which factors influence this pattern. We are studying simultaneously different aspects by combining observations and experiments on both free-ranging and captive bats. We are mainly looking at the life-history traits of both host and parasites, the host immune system, the host specificity, the energetic and fitness costs induced by the parasite and the evolutionary history of this host-parasite interactions.


Curriculum Vitae

Born on October 22, 1975 in Montpellier, France. French and Canadian nationalities.

1998 -
Ph.D. with Prof. Peter Vogel, Dr. Philippe Christe and Dr. Raphaël Arlettaz on host-parasite interactions between two species of bats the Greater and Lesser mouse-eared bat (Myotis myoti and Myotis blythii) and their ectoparasite (Spinturnix myoti, Acarina, Mesostigmata).

1997 - 1998
Master (DEA) in Evolutionary Biology and Ecology at the University Montpellier II, France on the parental defence of the brood against predators (Blue tit, Parus caeruleus).

1991 - 1995
Studies in Biology at University Montpellier II and University Nice Sophia-Antipolis


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