Olivier Blaser

Research interests | Curriculum vitae

Research interests

I am greatly interested in the evolution of sex-determining systems. Consistently with the sex-ratio theory, these systems were thought to be stable insofar as they ensure an equal sex-ratio, but empirical research has shown that they are subject to rapid changes. Different mechanisms were proposed to explain the great diversity and the instability of sex-determining systems. My PhD will focus on the effect of sexually antagonistic selection on the instability of sex determining systems. I will run individual-based simulations allowing to investigate different parameters (e.g. recombination and mutation rate) that might affect the dynamics of this process.

Curriculum vitae

Born on August 29, 1974 in São Paolo, Brazil

PhD under the supervision of Prof. Nicolas Perrin.

2006 - 2008
Master of Science in Biology, Evolution and Conservation, University of Lausanne. Diploma thesis with Prof. Nicolas Perrin: «Analyzing family components of fitness in European tree frogs».

Bachelor of Science in Biology, University of Lausanne.