Patricio Pliscoff

<i>Research interests</i>

Main Research interests

Conservation Biology
Species distribution modeling
Vegetation and Bioclimatology of Chile

Research profile

My research is focused on Biogeography. I am particularly interested in understanding patterns of species’ distribution (plants in particular) in space and time. My main purpose of study is looking for identifying relevant biogeographical questions for the conservation and protection of the biota of Chile by using modeling methods, herbarium data and environmental variables. In addition to that, my research interests are aimed at working with vegetational and bioclimatological classification, and methods that allow spatialize climatic and enviromental variables. Other topics of interest are Evolution, Spatial Ecology, Global changes, Epistemology and History of Sciences.


<i>Curriculum Vitae</i>

2009 - ¿¿??
PhD thesis supervised by Antoine Guisan, UNIL.

Proyect Consultant and Researcher of WWF (World Wildlife Fund), CONAMA (National Agency of the Environment), TNC (The Nature Conservancy), and RIDES (Research and Resources for Sustainable Development).

Master Thesis “Spatial priorization to strenght the conservation of native tree flora in the mediterranean zone of Chile”, supervised by Mary Kalin Arroyo, Universidad de Chile

2000 - 2003
Studies Master in biological sciencies, evolutionary ecology in Universidad de Chile

Studies Geography in Pontificia Universidad Catolica de CHile



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Member of Guisan group