Patrick Meirmans

Research Interests

At the moment, I am working as a postdoc in the group of Jerome Goudet as a part of a European project that is modelling the effects of climatic change on plant communities in Europe. My part of the project consists of developing statistical techniques for estimating the dispersal kernel of plant species using molecular markers.

Previously, I have worked at group of Nathalie Isabel at the Canadian Forest Service in Quebec. This work analyses the rate of hybridisation between exotic and native tree species in Canada using molecular markers. This involves looking for hybrid offspring in natural populations that are located close to plantations, looking for the establishment of advanced-generation hybrids, and detecting the molecular traces of local adaptation. I am also involved in the Arborea-project that studies the genomics of spruce. My part of the project involves looking for Quantitative Trait Loci for growth-related traits such as budset and budflush.

If I find the time, I write computer-programsto perform population genetic inferences.

In March 2005, I successfully defended my PhD-thesis about the ecological and genetic interactions between diploid sexual and triploid apomictic dandelions. This work was carried out in the group of Peter van Tienderen at the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands.


Curriculum Vitae

Born January 27, 1974, in Beinsdorp, the Netherlands

Postdoctoral researcher, University of Lausanne

Postdoctoral researcher, Canadian Forest Service

PhD, University of Amsterdam

Master degree in Biology, University of Amsterdam


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