Pawel Rosikiewicz


I am working with an enigmatic fungus Glomus intrarardices, living only in symbiosis with a variety of plants species around the world. This organism is coenocytic, that means haploid nuclei can move in a mycelium and are genetically different with a high polymorphism within one individual. Moreover there is no known sexual stage in life cycle of G.intraradices and a genetic exchange can occur during the mycelium fusions of two individuals.
I am interested in a role of a multiple genomes in the adaptation of the fungus to a different host plants and changing environment. Genetic exchange and coexistence of different nuclei within a common mycelium can also alter the gene expression and supposedly lead to a recombination events. Therefore to addres this topics I am using a combination of microarray, high throughput sequenceing, in situ labeling and flow cytometry in my research. I have also developed efficient and easy to handle in vitro culturing systems which allows me for a development of many fungal cross lines with a well defined parental lines to observe a faith of nuclei lines within a common cytoplasm of a new individuals.

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Member of Sanders group