Ramona Maggini


<i>Research interests</i>

My research interests are mainly species and communities' distribution modeling. In particular, within the framework of my PhD, I first modeled the distribution of vegetation communities across Switzerland and then used this pre-modeled habitat units in order to improve models for fauna. The approach was applied to butterfly species that were modeled using simulated open habitat units (meadows, hey fields, alpine grasslands, ...).
I'm not only interested in the applications of modeling (species conservation/management, assessment of climate change impacts, ...) but also in modeling techniques.


<i>Curriculum Vitae</i>

PhD thesis in Biology, University of Lausanne
Project Landspot - landscape potential for animal species survival, colonization and dispersal: a spatial simulation study. Swiss National Fund for Research, grant N° 3100-063147
Supervisor: Prof. Antoine Guisan, University of Lausanne

Scientist, R&D PMI, Neuchâtel, Switzerland. Data analysis and reporting.

Eco-prize WWF-Vaud 2005
Bilan, N° 189, p.21, article on the Eco-prize WWF-Vaud 2005 by Philippe Lebé

August 2004
Staff student for the international workshop "Generalized Regression Analyses and Spatial Predictions: grasping ecological patterns from species to landscape", Center Pro Natura Aletsch, Riederalp, Switzerland.

February 2003
Training period at Landcare Research, New Zealand. Development of the first version of the Swiss Environmental Domains in collaboration with Dr A.Lehmann (Swiss Center for Faunal Cartography - CSCF; Switzerland), and Dr J.Leathwick (Landcare Research, New Zealand).

August 2001
Staff student for the international workshop "Advances in GLM/GAM modelling: from species' distribution to environmental management", Center Pro Natura Aletsch, Riederalp, Switzerland.

1995, 2003, 2004 -2005
Teaching assistant at University of Lausanne for systematic botany, biogeography, spatial analyses (for the DESS: Systematic and biodiversity management), spatial analyses and geographic information systems (GIS), predictive distribution modeling.

Research assistant, Zoological Museum of Lausanne. Data entry and database management for all Vertebrates exposed or stored in the museum. Animation of the educational workshop for kids: discovery of different animals and their habitat. Scientific assistance to master students concerning GIS and predictive modeling. http://www.zoologie.vd.ch/

Master thesis in Biology, University of Lausanne Subject: Study of the distribution of Formica exsecta Nyl. (Hymenoptera : Formicidae) in the Swiss National Park using a Geographical Information System (GIS). Supervisor: Prof. Daniel Cherix, Zoological Museum and University of Lausanne.

Bachelor in Biology (botany, ecology, zoology), University of Lausanne.


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