Sandrine Trouvé

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  • My main research project deals with the evolutionary consequences of selfing in the freshwater snail Galba truncatula.
    Collaborators: Elodie Chapuis and Jérôme Goudet from Lausanne (Suisse), and François Renaud from Montpellier (France)

  • The other axis of my research investigates the population structure and mating system of the blackbird, Turdus merula.
    Collaborators: Arnaud Grégoire, Bruno Faivre and Marina Preault from Dijon (France).


Curriculum vitae

Born the 16th October, 1971 in Clermont-Fd (France) French Nationality
Education and Professional activities
  • 2001-Present First Assistant, University of Lausanne (Switzerland).
  • 1999-01 Lecturer ("Maître de Conférences"), University of Burgundy - Dijon (France)
  • 1998-99 Post-doctoral position, University of Lausanne (Switzerland).
  • 1998 Post-doctoral position at Max-Plank-Institut für Verhaltensphysiologie Seewiesen (Germany).
  • 1997-98 Junior lecturer ("Poste d'Attaché Temporaire d'Enseignement et de Recherche"), University of Perpignan (France)
  • 1994-97 PhD, University of Perpignan (France). "Evolution of reproductive strategies and life-history traits in parasitic platyhelminthes"
  • 1994 Master degree (DEA) in Parasitology, University of Montpellier (France). "Reproductive modalities (selfing versus outcrossing) in helminth parasites of the genus Echinostoma Rudolfi, 1809 (Trematoda: Echinostomatidae) ".
  • 1993 Bachelors (Maîtrise) in Organismal and Population Biology, University of Montpellier (France) "Life expectancy of Microtus duodecimcostatus (de Sélys-Longchamps, 1839)"
  • 1991 DEUG in Biology, University of Clermont-Fd (France)
  • 1989 Baccalaureat in Biology.
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    REFEREE for the Journals: "Behavioural Processes", "Biological Journal of the Linnean Society", "Biomed Central", "Evolution"

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    Congress co-organisation

  • August 2000 - Annual Meeting of the Group of "Biologie et Génétique des Populations", Dijon (France)
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  • Statistics, Population Genetics, Evolution, Cell Biology, Organismal Biology, Physiology at the University of Perpignan, Burgundy and Lausanne.
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