Sébastien Biollay

Research interests

I am interested in sexual selection and particularly in the various mechanisms of mate choice. Sexual selection may play an important role in evolution, because intra- and intersexual conflicts may affect the structure, dynamics, and genetics of populations. Males and females may have evolved different competitive abilities and mating strategies, in order to maximize their own reproductive success, and may signal them to conspecifics through highly variable colouration.

Using the common lizard Zootoca vivipara as model species, my PhD thesis aims at uncovering and understanding the relation between mating strategies, sexual selection, and males colouration, in order to understand their importance for determining population dynamics. Experiments in natural populations and controlled semi-natural experiments will provide insights on male mating strategies and their evolutionary consequences.

Curriculum vitae

2011 –
PhD student under supervision of Prof. Patrick S. Fitze in the Department of Ecology and Evolution, University of Lausanne.

Lab technician in the research group of Prof. Nicolas Perrin in the Department of Ecology and Evolution, University of Lausanne.

Master of Science in Behaviour, Evolution and Conservation at the University of Lausanne. Master thesis under supervision of Dr. Thomas Broquet and Prof. Nicolas Perrin: “Mate choice in alpine newt Mesotriton alpestris”.

Bachelor of Science in Biology at the University of Lausanne

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