Vincent A. Viblanc

<i>Research interests</i> | <i>Curriculum vitae</i> | <i>Research Network</i> | <i>Publications</i>

<i>Research interests</i>

I am broadly interested in various aspects of behavioral ecology, ecophysiology and sociobiology.

My current research investigates sexual selection in monomorphic species. Overlapping between behavior and physiology, my projects aim is at determining

  1. whether sexual ornaments relate to fitness and convey similar information to males and females in species where both sexes are ornamented and where mutual mate selection is known to occur, and
  2. what potential information sexual ornaments may be conveying to respective partners. Species under current investigation include the king penguin and the alpine swift.

I also have a keen interest in the evolution of group living: both its advantages and constraints. My previous Master’s work has investigated kin selection relating to direct and indirect fitness benefits, and mating strategies in colonial ground squirrels. My PhD research has focused on the energetics and behavior of colonial king penguin, seabirds breeding under high energy constraints in an aggressive and crowded social environment.


<i>Curriculum vitae</i>

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow in Dr. Pierre Bize’s research group, at the Department of Ecology and Evolution, University of Lausanne, CH.

PhD at the Department of Ecology, Physiology and Ethology, CNRS/University of Strasbourg, FR
Thesis: «Coping with energy constraints, social constraints and stress in a colonial breeder, the king penguin (Aptenodytes patagonicus)». Supervised by Dr. René Groscolas.

Msc. Ecophysiology and Ethology, University of Strasbourg, FR.
Thesis: “Kin selection in the Columbian ground squirrel”. Supervised by Dr. F.S. Dobson

BAsc. Biology, University of Caen, FR. / University of Joensuu, FI.


<i>Research Network</i>

Pierre Bize (DEE)
F. Stephen Dobson (CEFE-CNRS, Montpellier)
François Criscuolo (DEPE-CNRS, Strasbourg)
Jean-Patrice Robin (DEPE-CNRS, Strasbourg)
Sylvie Massemin (DEPE-CNRS, Strasbourg)
René Groscolas (DEPE-CNRS, Strasbourg)



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