Walid Gharib

Research interests | Curriculum vitae

Research interests

I’m interested in studying the prevalence and impact of positive selection on animal protein coding genes. I use simulations to explore the power and limitations of codon based models of selection. I perform high throughput analyses of homologous gene families, to relate positive selection to gene function and to the evolution of organisms.

Curriculum vitae


2009 –
University of Lausanne (Lausanne, Switzerland)
• PhD (Genomic Evolution) in BioInformatics, Marc Robinson-Rechavi's lab, Department of Ecology and Evolution

2007 – 2009
University Bordeaux1 (Bordeaux, France).
• MSc (Master of Science) in Biology – BioInformatics

2003 – 2007
UL (Lebanese University) - Faculty of Sciences, section 1.
• Maîtrise (4th year) in Biology

Professional experience

2008-2009 [6 months]
University of Lausanne & Swiss institute of BioInformatics
• Internship :Integration of a new data type and conception of new algorithms to retrieve gene expression by comparing similarity (Homology, Analogy) relations between organs, a dataBase for gene expression evolution (Bgee).

2007-2008 [3 months] 
University Bordeaux1
• Training Project: Molecular visualization software and simulation of phenomena of oxydoreduction in an enzymatic complex (Name: AMORSS2, code in python)

2006-2007 [6 months]
UL (Lebanese University)
• Training project on the genetically modified plants (PGM)

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