David Nusbaumer

Physiology, behaviour, ecology, and their mutual interactions are my favourite research interests. I like multidisciplinary approaches as I think they allow to better embrace the complexity of a problem at hand. During my master thesis, I investigated the immune and stress response of a reef fish to a common ectoparasite because this interaction underlies one of the most studied cleaning mutualisms and is a textbook example of cooperation.

Currently, I am working with two salmonid species found in Switzerland: the grayling Thymallus thymallus and the brown trout Salmo trutta. My main research topic focuses on sperm characteristics and their link with several life history traits like reproductive tactics, ornamentation, and offspring performance. I’m also working on a project investigating the potential effects of restocking on the relaxation of natural selection. These projects take place in a collaborative framework with the fisheries authorities in order to better understand the interplay between population management practices, anthropogenic threats and their evolutionary consequences.

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