by Jérome Goudet

FSTAT is a computer package for PCs which estimates and tests gene diversities and differentiation statistics from codominant genetic markers. It computes both Nei and Weir & Cockerham families of estimators of gene diversities and F-statistics, and tests them using randomisation methods. Jackknife and Bootstrap confidence intervals are also provided. The windows version also estimates statistics developed for the stepwise mutation model (Rst and the like).

BIASDISP, now integrated in FSTAT, tests for biases in dispersal among two apriori defined groups of individuals using information from codominant genetic markers. It was designed initially to test for sex-bias in dispersal, but could be used for any other dichotomised character, such as colour, size, parasitic state etc.

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Current versions:

(95/98/NT/2000/XP) 2.9.3 Feb. 2002 Download


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