Amaranta Fontcuberta

Since early in my studies in Biology, I have been interested in fundamental research at the interface between molecular biology and ecology. I am amazed by the diverse adaptations to different environments one can observe in nature, and I want to understand the mechanisms of how such adaptations come about and how and why they evolved.

For my master’s thesis I studied the consequences of reproductive modes in the genetic structure of populations and colonization history of a grassthrips species.

For my PhD I am interested in the link between social organization and life-history strategies and how these factors affect adaptation patterns to the environment. To explore these questions, I study an alpine ant species that exhibits social polymorphism - each population comprises both colonies with one queen and multiple queens – and this polymorphism is determined by the genotype at a supergene.

Born January 10th 1989 in Barcelona, Spain.

PhD in Ecology and Evolution at University of Lausanne with Prof. Michel Chapuisat Ecological genomics of social polymorphism in alpine silver ants.

MSc in Genetics and Evolution at University of Geneva. Master thesis in University of Lausanne with Prof. Tanja Schwander.
Population genetics of sexual and asexual Aptinothrips rufus (O. Thysanoptera).

BSc (honours) in Biology. 5years degree, European master level. University of Barcelona. Main topics: ecology, evolutionary zoology, physiology.

2012 Jun- Aug
Research assistant at Metapopulation Research Group - University of Helsinki. Supervised by Prof. Mar Cabeza and Dr. Marjo Saastamoinen.
Life-history, ecology and climate change in butterflies.

2012 Jan- Jun
Erasmus Exchange to University of Helsinki
Main topics: tropical ecology, conservation planning and sustainable development.

2011 Sept- Dec
Field assistant at Centre ValBio, Ranomafana NP., Madagascar. Supervised by Prof. Mar Cabeza (University of Helsinki)
Butterfly morphology and thermal adaptation.

2010 Aug Internship at Doñana Biological Station-CSIC (Spanish National Research Council) with Prof. Miguel Tejedo.
Ecophysiology of amphibians.


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