Cindy Dupuis

Host-symbiont /Host parasite interactions: I am very interested in studying the different types of interactions happening between organisms, from symbiosis to parasitism.

Evolution of adaptive traits: My other main interest is to understand how organism can evolve traits allowing them to tolerate difficult conditions, and to investigate on the different trade-off that can possibly result from those adaptations.

PhD in Life sciences, in the group of Prof. Tadeusz Kawecki

Master Degree in Molecular Life Sciences, University of Lausanne

Master thesis: "Phenotypic and transcriptomic responses of Cassava (Manihot esculenta) inoculated with genetically different isolates of the symbiotic fungus Rhizophagus irregulars ", conducted under the supervision of Ian Sanders at the Department of Ecology and Evolution

First Step research: "Hormonal Crosstalk in the case of oviposition by Pieris brassicae on Arabidopsis Thaliana", conducted under the supervision of Philippe Reymond at the department of Molecular Vegetal Biology

Bachelor degree in Biology, University of Lausanne

Personal interests

In my free time, you have great chances to find me doing all type of sports; I am fond of climbing, hiking, biking, running, and skiing.


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Member of Kawecki group

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