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Eléonore Genzoni

2017 - present
Ph.D. in the Department of Ecology and Evolution, University of Lausanne. Supervisor: Laurent Keller and Tanja Schwander

2016 - 2017
Lab technician in the group of Prof. Tanja Schwander, working on a project on « Maternal effect on offspring size in the ant Pogonomyrmex rugosus».

Research project on « Does evolution without sexual selection change females choosiness and attractiveness to males? », in the group of Prof. Tadeusz Kawecki, supervised by Dr. Brian Hollis.

MSc in Behavior, Evolution and Conservation, University of Lausanne (Switzerland).
Master thesis on « Host-parasite specificity in bat mixed-species colonies: the special case of the bent-winged bat Miniopterus schreibersii » under the supervision of Prof. Philippe Christe (University of Lausanne).
First-step project: «Maternal effect as determinant of worker size in the ant Messor barbarus» , under the supervision of Prof. Tanja Schwander

BSc in Biology (University of Lausanne)

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Member of Schwander group

Member of Keller group

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