Guillaume Lavanchy

October 2017 – Present
PhD student, Department of Ecology and Evolution, University of Lausanne, working on unusual reproductive systems in stick insects under the supervision of Profs. Tanja Schwander and Laurent Keller.

2016 – 2017
Civil service, Association de la Grande Cariçaie. Fauna inventories and data analysis in the Grande Cariçaie wetland reserves.

2014 – 2016
Master of Science in Behaviour, Evolution, Conservation, University of Lausanne.

  • First step project on the effect of habitat heterogeneity on the reproductive system in thrips (Thysanoptera), directed by Prof. Tanja Schwander.
  • Master project on sex chromosome turnover in true frogs (Ranidae), supervised by Dr. Alan Brelsford and directed by Prof. Nicolas Perrin.

2011 – 2014
Bachelor of Science in Biology, University of Lausanne.


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Member of Schwander group

Member of Keller group

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