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Rui Fernandes

My specific research interests are focused in the development and study of species distribution models (in order to understand the patterns and processes that promote species distribution and diversity).
I’m also particularly interested in the study of biological invasions and their impacts on biodiversity. As general interests I include landscape ecology, cartography and the study of the impacts of global changes in biodiversity.

October 2013 –
PhD under the supervision of Antoine Guisan, University of Lausanne

March 2013 – August 2013
Researcher in the project “Biodiversidad Vegetal Amenazada Galicia-Norte de Portugal. Conocer, gestionar e implicar”. University of Porto

GIS technician in the project “Caracterização do Património Natural do Litoral de Matosinhos”, University of Porto.

Researcher/collaborator in several projects. CIBIO, Porto.

Master in Ecology, Environment and Territory, University of Porto. Thesis topic: Modelling the current distribution and forecasting the future dynamics of three alien invasive woody plants in the North of Portugal. Supervised by João Pradinho Honrado and Joana R. Vicente

Bachelor in Biology, University of Porto


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Member of Guisan group

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