Alexandre Colard

Research interests | Curriculum vitae

Research interests

I'm interesting by Evolution and in particular the mechanism at the molecular level.
During my master, I worked on Sex-ratio system in Drosophila simulans and try to determine genes that play a role in this trait. These genes still unknown and molecular system too.

PhD program: Arbuscular Mychorrizal Fungi (AMF).
Recent studies of our group show that nuclei don't have exactly the same genetic information (that is Heterokariosis). For this ancient putative asexual, some nuclear exchange could occur during anastomosis (hyphae fusion). My focus will be to determine, at the molecular level, the mechanisms that occur during this fusion. Which genes are involve and how they could play a role in partners chosen?

Curriculum vitae

2006 -
PhD student in Switzerland in "Department of Ecology and Evolution"
Under supervising of Ian Sanders

2004 - 2005
Master of Molecular Evolution in Paris XI France (mention Bien)
Training course in laboratory "Population, Génétique, Evolution" CNRS
Under supervising of Catherine Montchamp-Moreau

Student in Paris VI France, in Molecular Biology and Genetic


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