Chloé Larose


My research interests are mainly about evolutionary biology and ecology.
After deepened my knowledge in animal ecology and entomology, I decided to work in a theoretical context of evolution, and population studies. I am very interested in reproductive and genetic systems in animals, and the theoretical context of my PhD project, allows me to link these various aspects of science that interest me greatly.

Born in 1988, France

2013 (february):
Starting the PhD project: Study processes underlying the transition from sexual reproduction to asexuality. – T. Schwander (UNIL, biophore, Lausanne, Switzerland)

2012 (5months: April to august):
Volunteering in the Kanahau association (Utila bay island, Honduras)

2012 (3months: january to march):
Volunteering in the Utila Iguana research & breeding station (Utila bay island, Honduras)

2011 (January to july):
Study of genomic regions subject to divergent selection between sexual and asexual lineages of the aphid Acyrthosiphon pisum. – S. Stoeckel & C. Rispe (INRA, Le Rheu (35), France)

2010 (January to april):
Chemical ecology of the ladybird Coleomegila maculata. – J-L. Hemptine & A. Magro (National School of Agronomy, Ramonvilles (31), France)


Heredity Fieldwork Grant​ from The Genetics Society

Students travel grants from the Swiss Zoological Society


"ESEB" (University of Groningen, Netherland) - Poster: "Adaptation to a challenging host broadens fundamental feeding niche in an herbivorous insect"​

"Biology 16" (University of Lausanne, Switzerland)

  1. Member of the organizing committee - Involved in various tasks related to the organization, the selection of abstracts for talks, flash talks and poster.
  2. Co-organizer of the "Speed Dating Scientifique", a science outreach event held in parallel of the Biology 16 conference.

"ESEB" (University of Lausanne, Switzerland) - Talk: "No evidence for parasites maintaining sex in natural stick insect populations​​"​
"Biology15" (EAWAG institute, Switzerland) - Talk: "No evidence for parasites maintaining sex in natural stick insect populations​"

"Conférences Jacques Monod - Recent advances on the evolution of sex and genetic systems" (Station Biologique de Roscoff, France)
Poster: "Understanding the transition from sexual reproduction to parthenogenesis - An experimental evolution of new parthenogenetic lines"

“Le petit pois déridé” (Natural History Museum of Toulouse, France) – Talk: “Effect of reproductive mode on the structuring of genetic diversity across genomes and genes sequences targeted”


Master 2 EFCE: Fonctional, Behaviorial, and Evolutionary Ecology (University of Beaulieu, Rennes (35), France)

Lience BOPE: Biology of Organisms, Populations, and Ecosystems – Facultative option: Course of “Universe/space exploration” (University of Paul Sabatier, Toulouse (31), France)

Scientific Baccalaureat – Speciality Maths – Option Arts (Bellevue High School, Albi (81), France)



Member of Schwander group

Biophore - CH-1015 Lausanne
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Fax +41 21 692 41 65