Dumas Galvez

My research is focused on how social organism such as ants deal with pathogens both at the individual and group level. Since social animals are usually highly related to each other and social contacts frequently occur then it is expected that this might facilitate the spread and adaptation of pathogens. Therefore, pathogens may drive the evolution and organization of social groups towards more genetically diverse groups. I carry out my research on the socially polymorphic ant Formica selysi and its fungal parasites (e.g. Metarhizium anisoplae, Beauveria bassiana).

Born in 1982, La Chorrera, Panamá.

PhD in social evolution and collective defences against parasites in ants. Supervised by Michel Chapuisat.

Topmaster in Evolutionary Biology and Ecology. Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. Center for Ecological and Evolutionary Studies. University of Groningen, The Netherlands.

Degree in Biology with orientation in Animal Biology, Honor Degree Sigma Lambda. Universidad de Panamá. Panama.

During this period I worked as assistant, intern and researcher at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (STRI, Panama) and the Organization for Tropical Studies (OTS, Costa Rica).

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