Eric Pinto


Biogeography, microbial ecology, spatial distribution models (SDMs)

I am interested in microbial biogeography, microbial habitat distribution models and the understanding of the relationships between bacteria, fungal and plant communities in the Swiss Alps. As future scopes, to predict how soil communities may adapt over time as function of climate change and the design of conservation strategies.


Born on 1982, Santiago, Chile

2011 –
PhD student at University of Lausanne, Switzerland
Thesis supervised by Antoine Guisan (DEE, lausanne, CH), Jan Roelof Van der Meer (DEE, lausanne, CH) and Hélène Niculita-Hirzel (CHUV, lausanne, CH)

Research assistant at ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Environmental Microbiology Group, IBP institute. Methanotrophs in Glacier Forefields Project

2008 – 2009
Research and field assistant at Universidad Catolica del Norte & BHP Billiton, Chile
Project 1: Bioprospecting for bioleaching bacteria
Project 2: ”High Lakes project” with NASA & SETI institute

2008 - 2009
Biotechnology Engineer at Universidad de Chile, Chile
Thesis: Isolation and characterization of a Haloarchaeon capable of degrading hydrocarbon. Supervised by Jenny Blamey & Nicolas Guiliani

2002 – 2007
Bachelor in Biotechnology, Universidad de Chile, Chile.



I like outdoors activities as hiking and biking. Also I enjoy photography.



Member of Guisan group

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