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Sébastien Moretti

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Bioinformatics & Computer Science
Annotation, gene prediction, SNP identification, multiple sequence alignment, phylogeny, structure analysis and visualization, EST clustering, mRNA/prot alignment vs. genomic sequences.
Databanks management and up-date, BASE & SRS installation and administration, installation of bioinformatic tool for application server, Apache and SVN management.

OS & Programming
Linux, Unix, Windows. Perl, Shell (bash), R, HTML, CSS, XML, CGI scripts and Javascript. Basics in PHP, JSP, Python, C/C++ and Java.


Parametric and non-parametric statistics.

Evolution biology, molecular biology, population genetics, eco-ethology.


2006 to 2007
Engineer for the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics (SIB) - EMBNet and the University of Lausanne (UNIL):
EMBNet: Java applet development and enhancement of the MyHits web site (Lausanne, Dr. L. Falquet).
UNIL: HomolEns database integration and adaptation (Lausanne, Pr. M. Robinson-Rechavi).
UNIL: PC cluster management and statistical programming (Lausanne, Pr. J. Goudet).

2003 to 2006
Engineer for Sanofi-Aventis in the Genomic and Structural Information lab. (CNRS): Structural and genomic research about kinase proteins (Marseilles, 34 months contract, Dr. C. Notredame CNRS, Dr. V. Saudek Aventis, Pr. J.-M. Claverie CNRS): Polymorphism, from SNPs to structures, multiple sequence alignments & phylogeny, management of a bioinformatic application server, web site management, technological survey.

2002 to 2003
Engineer for Genoplante-Biogemma, assigned to ENSAT: Biotechnology and Plant Innovation lab. (Toulouse, 16 months contract, Pr. L. GENTZBITTEL): Set up of an automated annotation system for Sunflower EST program, and EST annotation.

INSERM, Psychiatry and Neurobiology unit (Créteil, 6 months, Pr. Bruno GIROS): SNP physical maps construction for target genes, phylogeny, two-hybrid analyses.

INRA, Phytopharmacy and Semiochemicals unit (Versailles, 8 months, Dr. B. Frérot): Pheromonal polymorphism for the European Corn Borer (Ostrinia nubilalis Hbn.)

1997 - 1999
CNRS, Biometry and Evolution Biology lab. (Lyons, whole: 10 months).


Master Science: Functional Genomics Engineering - Paris VII & Evry (MCL).

Master Y2: Population Biology, Genetics and Eco-ethology - Tours (CL).

Master Y1: Population Biology and Ecosystems - Lyons I (CL).

Licence: Organism and Population Biology - Lyons I (CL).

English: read, written and spoken
French: mother language
German: elementary knowledge

Training courses given

Installation of T-coffee web server
Course for CNRS and CRS4 T-coffee users (Sept 2006).
Multiple Sequences Alignment and T-Coffee tools.
Course for SwissProt team (June 2006).
Query biological databases and BLAST tool.
Course for a small group of Biogemma engineers (October 2002).

Software and plugins


I love music of all time periods, futuristic novels, cinema and evolution of computer science. Volleyball practicing. Driving license.



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