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Conservation Day 2017

Carrières en Conservation Day 2017
Careers in Conservation Day 2017

During this day, we will present the main actors and potential employers in the field of nature conservancy and management. The day is organised as a series of talks by representatives of international organizations (IUCN, CITES) as well as national and local ones (Birdlife, WWF Switzerland), state and federal agencies (OFEV, CSCF), private ecological consulting offices (La Boîte Verte) or park, botanical garden and museums (Botanical Garden Lausanne, Natural History Museum of Geneva, la Grande Cariçaie, la Maison de la Rivière). During this day Bachelor and Master students, postdocs and collaborators from all Western Switzerland universities will have the great opportunity to interact with professionals from the institutions and establish contacts.

ORGANIZERS: Laura Clément, Camille-Sophie Cozzarolo, Luca Fumagalli, Antoine Guisan.

WHEN?: Monday March 20th 2017; 9:00 am - 4:20 pm.

WHERE?: Université de Lausanne, Bâtiment Biophore, Amphithéâtre.

LANGUAGE: French and English.

INFORMATION FOR DPEE MEMBERS: http://www.cuso.ch/activity/?p=1128&uid=3739


No registration fee, but registration is mandatory.

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