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The International Law Association was founded in Brussels in 1873. Today, it has branches around the world and a growing membership of academics and practising professionals with an interest in international law.

The main objectives of the Association are the study, clarification and development of both public and private international law. It is in the work of the various International Committees that these aims are pursued and biennial conferences provide a forum for comprehensive discussion and endorsement for the work of these committees.


Swiss Branch

The Swiss Branch was founded in 1929. It works in close cooperation with the Swiss Society for International Law (SVIR/SSDI) and ensures the participation of its members in the ILA Executive Council as well as at the biennial conferences.

The Swiss Branch hosted the biennial meetings in 1874 (Geneva), 1880 (Berne), and 1952 (Lucerne). In 1952/3 Max Gutzwiler, then President of the Swiss Branch presided also the ILA.

Current Branch Officers:

  • Professor Dr Andreas R Ziegler, President
  • Stefan Wehrenberg, Secretary and Treasurer


Committees and Study Groups

The Swiss members cooperate actively in the various ILA committees and study groups.

We have our own blog announcing all the events and activities that might interest our members (but also other professionals with in an interest in international law in Switzerland).

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