What is happening if there would be a case of COVID at DMF?
- if you feel sick or have symptoms that may relate to COVID, you stay at home. You call a doctor to have a test. You inform your PI. If the test turns out positive, you inform again your PI, who will transmit this information to the person responsible to make decisions during that week of the vacation period.
This ‘DMF responsible’ transmits the case to UNISEP and to HR.
- most probably: this will lead to immediate closure of the DMF as a whole for quarantine (maybe testing as well). Possibly: only the group where that person was working goes into quarantine. 
- if cases would affect our central services (admin, kitchen, autoclaving), we go back to a scheduled system where each group individually takes care of the media preparation and waste management. 
What to do when you plan vacation?
- You inform your PI about the period you will be away, and about your vacation destination.
- Please make sure that your PI has a telephone number somewhere, where she-he can reach you.
- if your destination is a country (currently considered) at risk, you will have to stay in quarantine for ten days after you come back. If, during that quarantine period, you cannot do home work, you have to take this period as vacation days.
you can find this list here:
- if you develop COVID during vacation in a country that is not considered at risk, you will have to stay in quarantine after you come back. If you cannot do home work during that period, it will count as sickness leave.
How do we hopefully possibly keep transmission at the lowest possible risk, and avoid cases as the above?
- if you can, please download and activate the SwissCovid app on your phone, which can alert you to situations where you may have been in contact with a COVID-symptomatic person, and consequently, you can stay in quarantine.
- all groups make their weekly plan for occupation of the labs and offices, and for homework.
- you try to keep track of where you have been during a week.
- these plans ensure that all of us have and maintain at least 1.5 m distance to the others
- if this is not possible, you wear a mask (for example, in the Banana food queues, as well!)
- the distance rules also hold in our cafeteria, meaning during lunch, at coffee, etc. 
- you frequently wash and disinfect your hands.
- all labs, offices and common rooms are frequently aerated (windows wide open, if you can).
- our secretariat asks you not to enter but wait at the door.
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