Olga Sakwinska

Research Interests

I am interested in human commensal and pathogenic bacteria, in particular antibiotic resistance and evolution of virulence.

At present my research focuses on ecological and evolutionary interactions among human opportunistic pathogen, S. aureus, and other commensal staphylococci colonizing humans, primarily S. epidermidis.


Curriculum Vitae

2005 - 2010

Postdoctoral fellowship funded by Swiss NSF (Marie-Heim Vögtlin grant).


Postdoctoral Research Associate. University Pierre&Marie Curie Paris VI, Laboratory of Evolutionary Parasitology, France (funded by French Ministry of Research)


Postdoctoral Research Associate. University of Fribourg, Switzerland

1997 - 2001

PhD studies at Zoology Institute, University of Basel, Switzerland Supervisors: Prof. Stephen C. Stearns and Dr. Dieter Ebert (funded by Swiss NSF). Thesis: The evolution of life history traits in Daphnia: Competitive fitness, phenotypic plasticity, and maternal effects

1996 - 1997

Master of Science, Ecology. University of Warsaw, Poland.

Thesis: Diel vertical migration and life history in Daphnia hyalina. Supervisor: Dr. Piotr Dawidowicz and Prof. Maciej Gliwicz.

1995 Undergraduate courses, Department of Ecology, Lund University, Sweden(Tempus exchange scholarship funded by European Union)

1991 - 1997

Undergraduate studies, Faculty of Biology, University of Warsaw, Poland.



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