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The Doctoral Program in Digital Studies | More informations (in French)

The Doctoral Program in Digital Studies

The doctoral program in Digital Studies, funded by swissuniversities for the period 2017-2020, was established at the University of Lausanne in January 2017. Since its first year of existence, this program has brought together more than sixty doctoral students interested in the study of digital technology.

The doctoral program in Digital Studies provides doctoral students at UNIL – and the many Swiss universities that are partners in the program – with a space for reflection and sharing on the challenges of digital cultures, societies and humanities. Conceived as a continuation of UNIL's Interfaculty Master in Digital Humanities, this doctoral program is resolutely interdisciplinary. It proposes to develop a transversal view of the digital issues in the context of the Humanities and the Social Sciences.

The field of Digital Humanities is historically plural and mobile. Qualified thanks to the more general term "Digital Studies", the program aims to provide a framework for doctoral research involving the use of computer tools or the study of digital cultures, the critical analysis of digital/digitised sources, or the social and political ramifications of a digital era.

The Digital Studies program was seen as a complementary and flexible offer. It is thus possible to register for a few appointments per year, without having to participate in recurring events. The different activities of the program do not require any prerequisites and can be monitored separately.

Due to the reflection that is conducted on the use of digital tools and the collaboration between SHS-trained researchers and engineers, this program has, in the current context, a professionalizing dimension beyond the academic environment.

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