Message from the Director

Pharmacology is a basic medical science and relies on fundamental principles that have important clinical implications and applications in many medical disciplines.
Pharmacology is a core discipline of biomedical research and translational medicine that integrates knowledge from many biological and clinical sciences. This holistic knowledge is important for research to better understand disease causality and to find novel and safe therapeutics to treat diseases.

The Department of Pharmacology & Toxicology has to two main academic obligations of research and teaching. The core research in the department relies on holistic understanding (by contrast to a molecular reductionism) of cell, tissue, organs, organisms that is necessary to elucidate the mechanisms by which small molecules perturb or modulate important physiological functions. This multidisciplinary and integrative research in the DPT has applications for cardiovascular, renal, cancer neurological diseases. The research in the department of pharmacology is strong and remains well supported by national and internal funding agencies. This research is transversal and continues to explore freely areas of research, irrespective to the boundaries of organ-based research often found in thematic research departments (neurosciences, immunology, cancer, metabolism, etc.).

The department is responsible for the teaching of pharmacology and toxicology to the students of the school of biology and the school of medicine of the FBM Faculty. Appreciation of the pharmacological principals is important for future medical doctors to treat patients with safe and adequate drugs for future researchers to design and conduct experiments.
The main teaching objectives of pharmacology for our students is taken from the bible of pharmacology (Goodman and Gilman’s) that inspired several generations of students, medical doctors, pharmacologists and researchers: they include the following aims

• Correlate pharmacology with related medical sciences
• Reinterpret drug action in the light of advances in medical sciences.
• Emphasize the application of pharmacodynamics to therapeutics

The horizon of pharmacology is continuously expanding in the light of the rapid advances in biomedical sciences, medicine and therapeutics. Such challenge for pharmacology in the academia requires a strong support from the institution and appropriate academic structures in which teaching and research in pharmacology are closely interlinked.

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