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The Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology is a Department of the Section of the Basic, Preclinical Sciences of the Faculty of Biology and Medicine (FBM).

The main mission of the department is to promote the basic principles of pharmacology in its activities of research and teaching, and to transmit a solid and unbiased knowledge in pharmacology and toxicology among researchers, teachers, students and the public.

Pharmacology is a core discipline of biomedical research and translational medicine. The research in the department is characterized by an integrative approach that seeks to answer general questions regarding human physiology, the cause of diseases, in a biomedically relevant way for the development of novel therapeutics. More specifically research topics in the department focus on physiological processes in the nervous system such as pain or chemical perceptions, on the causality of cardiovascular, renal, cancer, skin diseases, on the role of the most important classes of pharmacological receptors that include the G-protein coupled receptors, membrane transporters, and proteases. This research aims at a better understanding of the structures, the physiological functions of these receptors, their signaling pathways, their alterations in specific pathologies, in various biological systems using an integrative and translational approaches.

The knowledge about the pharmacological and toxicological principles, and their systematic use in medicine and therapeutics is essential for future medical doctors for a safe and adequate use of drugs; in biomedical research, this knowledge is important for students or advanced researchers to design research protocols and to conduct experiments. The department is heavily involved in the teaching of pharmacology and toxicology with an active participation in multidisciplinary integrated curricula of the school of biology, pharmacy and the school of medicine. The postgraduate education targets doctoral and postdoctoral fellows in the department, and also professionals in the biomedical field of activities. Finally, the expertise of the department in pharmacology is largely recognized by its involvement in scientific societies, local ethical committees, and national regulatory agencies.


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