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The Poster Day of the Master of Medical Biology takes place every year on October

The Poster Day of the Master of Medical Biology is an ideal opportunity for the students to present their Master Project to their colleagues, to the students of the first semester of the Master MB, to the 3rd year bachelor students in Biology, and other people were interested in the Master of Medical Biology.

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The objectives of the Poster Day are as follows:

  • Learn to prepare and present a poster
  • Opportunity to present the research to colleagues, students interested in the Master MB (1st year and Bachelor students), PIs, postdocs as well to a jury, who judged the poster and presentations.
  • Occasion to prepare Data/Figures that may be used later for the Master thesis
  • Possibility to present the involved laboratories to future Master and possibly also potential  PhD students

Current Edition : 2018

Friday october 12, 2018

13h30 - 17h30 Auditorium Charlotte Olivier, CHUV

Flyer Programm  (414 Ko)

Poster Price 2018:


Winners : Ivana Kalanoska, Alison Jaccard, Marion Albasini 

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Previous Editions


Poster Price 2017:


 Vincent Pidoux, Inès Lanz, Diane Macabray, Sofia Spataro



Poster price 2016: Dessislava Petrova, Laura Candal, Magali Chytiris, Serena Caverzasio


Poster price 2015: Guerric Samson , Gabriel Vachey , Emmanuelle Lüthi , Nina Dumauthioz


Poster price 2014: Eva Grün , Benoit Allaz, Justine Stierli and Gil Vantomme

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