Teaching of Biostatistics and bioinformatics



Put into practice the theoretical concepts of bioinformatic and biostatistic taught in the Bachelor thanks to the practical problems encountered during the Master work.

Organisation of the teaching  
February - May Beginning of the Master research project
May - August Students identify the bioinformatical and/or biostatistical questions they wish to address during the Master research project
September Students present the objectifs of their Master research project as well as the methodological, bioinformatical and/or biostatistical questions they plan to address

Tutors will be assigned to students
September - November Interview / discussion with the tutor

The tutor advises the student on the bioinformatical and/or biostatistical tools to use
November - December Students write a chapter of bioinformatic or biostatistic that will be included in the “Material and Methods” section of the Master research project

Assessment by the tutor


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Prof. D. Diviani
Dpt. of Pharmacology & Toxicology


Email: dario.diviani@unil.ch