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Departement of Fundamental Microbiology


The Keel lab investigates molecular mechanisms used by root-colonizing beneficial bacteria to protect agricultural crop plants against pest insects and fungal pathogens.

Christoph Keel lab - Department of Fundamental Microbiology

Mitri2.jpg Our group is interested in understanding how ecosystems of  microbes evolve over time, and how they are shaped by the interactions taking place between individual microbial cells, strains and species.

Sara Mitri lab - Department of Fundamental Microbiology


Our group applies synthetic biology tools to build gene regulatory networks. We then use them to study their mechanisms, properties and evolution.

Yolanda Schearli lab


The Veening lab uses systems and synthetic biology approaches to study chromosome segregation, mechanisms of antibiotic resistance development, and noise in gene expression in the important opportunistic human pathogen Streptococcus pneumoniae.

Jan-Willem Veening lab

Other Departments


My research laboratory is involved in understanding how the mucosal immune system discriminates between pathogens and commensal bacteria, with application to the design of mucosal vaccines targeting pathogens and allergy.

Blaise Corthésy lab - CHUV



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