Host laboratories in Development


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CIG - Center for Integrative Genomics

Structure, function and evolution of chemosensory systems.

Richard Benton lab


Molecular mechanisms of light-regulated growth and development in plants.

Christian Fankhauser lab


Size and shape regulation during development in Drosophila.

Fisun Hamaratoglu lab


DBMV - Department of Plant Molecular Biology

We want to understand establishment, structure and function of the endodermis, a major protective barrier in the root of higher plants.

Niko Geldner lab


The phloem vasculature enabled plants to colonize land and is formed in a peculiar differentiation process, the formation of conductive sieve elements by selective degradation of organelles. Our research investigates this process.

Christian Hardtke lab


Other Departments
Braissant.jpg (Axonal hypersprouting under GAMT deficiency)
Our research group is working on genetic diseases of metabolism affecting the brain development, by developing in vivo and in vitro models to better understand them and to find new treatment strategies.

Olivier Braissant lab - CHUV

Our research by combines the predictive power of computational biology with extensive genetic and molecular analysis of candidates and aims to understand what are the contributions to homeostasis, phenotypic variation and disease of long noncoding RNAs (lincRNAs).

Ana Marques lab - Department of Computational Biology


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