Host laboratories in Neuroscience


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Structure, function and evolution of chemosensory systems.

Richard Benton lab - Center for Integrative Genomics

Braissant.jpg (Axonal hypersprouting under GAMT deficiency) Our research group is working on genetic diseases of metabolism affecting the brain development, by developing in vivo and in vitro models to better understand them and to find new treatment strategies.

Olivier Braissant lab - CHUV

How chromatin structure impacts the stability of disease-causing trinucleotide repeats.

Vincent Dion lab - Center for Integrative Genomics

Reseach in the Franken lab focusses on the genetics and energetics of sleep homeostasis and circadian rhythms in the mouse using a variety of –omics (transcriptome, metabolome, epigenome, microRNAs), behavioral (activity, qEEG), imaging (life imaging of gene expression), and modelling techniques.

Paul Franken lab - Center for Integrative Genomics


We are exploring alterations in energy metabolism associated with ageing and age-related neurodegenerative diseases: from model systems to human population studies.

Julijana Ivanisevic lab - Metabolomics Platform


We work on molecular genetics and genomics of hereditary retinal degeneration, an area of research that is a paradigm for both medical genetics and neurodegenerative conditions.

Carlo Rivolta lab - Department of Computational Biology



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