Host laboratories in Plant biology

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CIG - Center for Integrative Genomics


Molecular mechanisms of light-regulated growth and development in plants.

Christian Fankhauser lab

DBMV - Department of Plant Molecular Biology


What are the mechanisms that plants use to detect when they are wounded by herbivores?

Ted Farmer lab


We want to understand establishment, structure and function of the endodermis, a major protective barrier in the root of higher plants.

Niko Geldner lab


The Nawrath lab studies the formation of the plant cuticle and its relevance in biotic and abiotic stress protection in different model plants; as for example the function of OsABCG31 encoding an ABC transporter involved in cutin biosynthesis in rice.

Christiane Nawrath lab


Study plant phosphate homeostasis and how plants respond and adapt to phosphate deficiency.

Yves Poirier lab


Molecular studies of plant-insect interactions.

Philippe Reymond lab

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The phloem vasculature enabled plants to colonize land and is formed in a peculiar differentiation process, the formation of conductive sieve elements by selective degradation of organelles. Our research investigates this process.

Christian Hardtke lab


We are interested in understanding the communication systems that plants have developed to read their cell wall status to coordinate growth and development.

Julia Santiago Cuellar lab

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