Teaching evaluation by students


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Why ?

The CSE (Centre for Teaching and Learning) at UNIL suggests that the teacher/s ask the student/s to assess their courses with the aim of testing the student's / students' learning experience.
This approach is in line with a desire to enhance teaching in the same way as research at UNIL.

In accordance with UNIL's policy for evaluating courses (see directives 1.4, 1.5, 1.15 and 1.16), teacher/s are obliged to evaluate at least one course every two years (according to the specific provisions in each contract).

Teachers are not obliged to include the results of the evaluation of their courses in their self-evaluation report (with the exception of conditional tenure-track Assistant Professors). Instead, they must include their analysis of the results of the evaluation (what is working well, what is working less well, what is being done to consolidate/improve the situation, which is communicated to the student/s).


How ?

There are two different types of evaluations:

  • Programme evaluations (or part of programmes designed to evaluate a set of courses are carried out by the School of Biology).
  • Individual evaluations concerning a course and a teacher in particular are carried out by the Centre for Teaching and Learning.
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