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PhD in Life Sciences

Understanding the living: Beyond the frontiers of knowledge

PhD degree in Life Sciences (with or without study option)

Towards customized PhD programs
Research in Life Sciences is multidisciplinary. It is crucial to train new generations of researchers to meet future challenges in this field. At UNIL, PhD students have the opportunity to conduct a personal and original research project in one of the groups of the Faculty of Biology and Medicine and work at the interface of bioscience, medicine and human sciences. Students may choose different paths:  a PhD in Life Sciences with or without a study option (Flyer).
This style of training prepares students for excellence.The program, which is complementary to the research work, is designed to adapt to the needs of the students. In this way, students are introduced to the many aspects of research, opening the doors for their future careers in academic, industrial or other public institutions.

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For PhDs who enrolled
BEFORE Spring 2017
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For PhDs who enrolled FROM Spring 2017
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