The Equal Opportunities Office is an independent service, whose role is to contribute to the achievement of the UNIL Rectorate's objectives with regard to promoting gender equality:

  • Encourage equitable representation of both genders at all levels of management and support the promotion of women among teaching staff and in supervisory roles.
  • Support the next generation of female academics.
  • Encourage an appropriate balance between professional activities and family responsibilities.
  • Work to eliminate any form of direct or indirect discrimination at all levels, including in the student body.


The Equal Opportunities Office at UNIL works to:

Encourage and support...

  • The next generation of female academics, through mentoring programs, training workshops and financial assistance.
  • Fair recruitment processes, by monitoring academic appointments and raising awareness about gender stereotypes.
  • Parents and family caregivers, with child-care facilities, financial assistance, information.
  • The Rectorate and faculties, in implementing an equal opportunities action plan.

Inform and advise...

  • Students, staff and the university Rectorate on any issues related to gender equality or work-life balance.
  • Through publications and at events.
  • In cases of direct or indirect gender discrimination.


Vieux Pressoir  -  CH-1015 Lausanne
Tel. +41 21 692 20 59