What to do if you experience harassment

A Rectorate Directive specifies the procedures to be followed in the event of sexual harassment in the university community.
> Directive de la Direction 0.4. concernant la prévention et la gestion des conflits ainsi que les atteintes à la personnalité au sein de la communauté universitaire

There are several bodies that will listen to members of the university community, provide guidance and information on sexual or psychological harassment and stop these behaviors from occurring. All are bound by professional confidentiality and cannot take any action without the consent of the person who is being harassed.

  • The Complaints and Mediation Office is a free resource, which is independent of the UNIL Rectorate. The office is available to the whole university community (student body and staff) to welcome, advice and support people who are affected by acts of sexual or psychological harassment.
  • The Vaud Canton Impact Group is an independent entity, which is responsible for managing conflicts and dealing with situations of psychological and sexual harassment at work. It services are available to members of UNIL staff free of charge. It can begin formal proceedings at the request of the person who believes they have been a victim, or if requested by the Rectorate.

In addition, the Equal Opportunities Office is available to listen, inform and advise anyone who is affected by harassment and will direct them, if necessary, to the relevant external bodies.

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