Pushing back against everyday sexism

This new interactive workshop is designed for people who wish to develop their competences in combatting the effects of sexism and other biases in their professional life. Participants will practice techniques and approaches to respond to sexism in diverse professional situations (including those brought by the participants).


This workshop is offered by the Equal Opportunities Office and led by Siara Isaac, teaching advisor at the EPFL Teaching Support Center.

Gender-inclusive language

Gender-inclusive language: useful or pointless? A practical workshop and academic presentation (in French).

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Aimed at members of UNIL, the objectives of this workshop are:

- to demonstrate the usefulness of gender-inclusive communication, based on research into language and stereotypes;

- to allow participants to familiarize themselves with the use of gender-inclusive language, in the context of their activities at UNIL.

The workshop is organized by Dr Pascal Gygax, Reader in the Department of Psychology at the University of Fribourg and an external consultant.

Upcoming workshops

Guide to gender-neutral and feminized language (PDF, in French)
Gender-inclusive communication





Gender bias in recruiting professors


The Equal Opportunities Office is running a workshop on implicit gender bias, to support more equal treatment of applications from men and women during the process of selecting new professors.

The workshop, which has been designed specially for professors who are members of the selection panels but is open to all, supplements the introduction to gender bias video and the toolbox for people involved in recruiting professors.


Workshops for Administrative and Technical Personnel

PAT workshops

Progress in your career as a woman
Act to support equality as a team manager
Together towards equality

Support for women’s careers and developing skills in equality among supervisory staff are some of the objectives in UNIL’s statement of intentions for 2017-2021.

In order to achieve these objectives, the Equal Opportunities Office is running a new series of training workshops in 2020, aimed at Administrative and Technical Personnel.

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REGARD workshops

The REGARD workshop program offers continuing education workshops, from an equality perspective, to young women academics and university professors in French-speaking Switzerland.

It is organised by the equality offices of these universities.

The new REGARD program is available. You can download it here.

Please note that registrations start 6 weeks before the workshop. Some courses are in high demand and fill up very quickly!


Information about the program  
Workshop registration

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