Individual & Group Coaching

The Accelerate (excel at your own rate) stream runs the entire length of the Executive MBA program, focusing on individual and team effectiveness. Like in business, much of the success and learning in the Executive MBA is dependent on working with others. This stream is designed to further individual learning and skill development while supporting other classes. The Accelerate stream is comprised of several components some of which are required, as they support other classes, and some of which are optional. Collectively, the offerings provide opportunities to develop self-awareness, clarify personal goals, and take actions to be more effective individually and in teams.

You will have the opportunity to have four individual coaching sessions over the course of the Executive MBA program. The first coaching sessions will be scheduled during the first month of the Executive MBA to help students set individual learning goals.

Your learning outcomes:

  • Appreciate individuals in a team, recognise team members’ preferences on how they like to work together and identify what others contribute;
  • Identify how the team works and understand how to intervene to achieve higher performance;
  • Give and receive high quality feedback to increase one’s own performance and that of others;
  • Identify individual strengths and development opportunities for working in teams;
  • Capitalise on learnings to envision and plan the future, to meet individual goals.

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