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Our office in Athens

The Swiss School premises in Athens are located in an Art Nouveau building at Skaramanga Street 4B. Facilities on the 1st floor are provided for seminars and conferences with a maximum capacity of 70 people. The office is located on the 2nd floor. It offers a basic research library (see the catalog). Two double rooms on the 2nd floor and an apartment on the 3rd floor accommodate Swiss and international scholars for short term periods.

School premises
Skaramanga 4B
Conference hall
1st floor
School office
2nd floor


The Swiss School premises in Athens can accommodate up to 7 people. Swiss as well as international academics in the fields of archaeology, Classics and modern Greece study can apply for accommodation for a period of several days extending up to several weeks.
There are two double rooms on the 2nd floor with private bathroom and a communal kitchen. An apartment with bathroom facilities and a kitchen located on the third floor can accommodate up to three people. There is a free access to the terrace.
Linens and blankets as well as a laundry machine are provided by the School. All rooms are equipped with air conditioning and a wireless internet access.

Housing fees

  1. Scientific collaborators of the Swiss School : 15 Euros /day*, 225 Euros /month
  2. Students (Bachelor/Master) : 10 Euros /day, 150 Euros /month
  3. Researchers and Professors : 20 Euros /day, 300 Euros /month

* For short stay the above rates do not apply to scientific collaborators of the Swiss School (free of charge below 10 days) and to participants to projects of the Swiss School, in particular fieldwork students (free of charge below 3 days).

For any request or to book a room, please contact the School office (esag@otenet.gr).


Our office in Eretria

The Swiss School facilities in Eretria are located in a 19th century neoclassical house with a recently built annexe equipped with all amenities. This historical house once belonged to Admiral Nikodimos, one of the heroes of the Greek War of Independence, and served in the early 20th century as a municipal building.
Since the seventies it has been fully restored by the Swiss School thanks to private funding and serves as the School's headquarters in Eretria. It offers accommodation for up to nine people in single and double occupancy rooms, with communal kitchen, bathroom and laundry facilities. There are also a communal workspace with a basic research library (see the catalog) and an office equipped with a photocopier, printer and PC station. All rooms have access to the Internet through an ADSL wireless network.
Archaeologists and scholars carrying out research in Eretria and Euboea are welcome to stay in the house, except during excavation season in Summer.

apostoli_nb.pngFor any request, please contact the School Secretary.

Ελβετική Αρχαιολογική Σχολή στην Ελλάδα
Οδ. Αποστόλη 15
GR-340 08 Ερέτρια

Tel.:+30 22290 614 06
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apotheque.jpgThe School recently restored a second building in Eretria which now serves as a storage house with facilities for processing finds from excavations. This house gives a much needed space to the archaeological Museum of Eretria that was extended in the nineties thanks to Swiss funding, but whose capacity is already coming to an end due to the bulk of recent finds.




Ελβετική Αρχαιολογική
Σχολή στην Ελλάδα
Οδ. Σκαραμαγκά 4B
GR-104 33 Αθήνα

Tel: +30 210 822 14 49
Email: esag@otenet.gr

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