European Summer School in Ethics 2013 - Strasbourg

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European Summer School 2013

Contemporary issues of ethics: an European perspective

From June 24th to July 5th

CEERE - Faculté de médecine
4 Rue Kirschleger
F - 67085 Strasbourg cedex

General knowledge 
Every morning from 10am to 12pm 
Every afternoon from 14pm to 16pm and from 16pm  to 18pm 
Basel, Freiburg, Strasbourg 
Wednesday the 26th and 3rd  and Saturday the 29th


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Far from offering some kind of sanctuary, ethics is subject to all the commercial pressures that constitute what we call globalisation. Economic globalisation leaves little space for diversity. It generates a constant reworking of systems of values, leading to social tensions. In Europe, dissent essentially takes the form of resistance to the growing influence of a certain philosophical outlook we think of as ‘American’: principlism, utilitarianism and pragmatism.

These concepts, in many ways specific to the Anglo-Saxon world, are difficult to reconcile with continental ethical values. The institutionalisation of solidarity and a certain conception of humanity fundamental to the Roman-German model lead to inevitable misunderstandings when they rub up against philosophical thought from across the Atlantic.

These two moral views of society today both demand to be given a pre-eminent position within European politics. Each is attempting to impose its paradigms. That competition often takes place without the knowledge of citizens. This makes it important to make this adversarial dialogue public, underlining the particular characteristics of the continental model. Such an approach can help build bridges between the European perspective and the Anglo-Saxon model.

Strengthen friendships and exchanges of European and international students

Forty European and international students from any discipline and having validated license 3 (master, doctoral, professional) are expected for a series of lectures and seminars. Training will be provided in English, French and German by European teachers from all backgrounds: law, medicine, history, philosophy, theology, industry, sociology, environment, etc., around themes addressing the major ethical issues today.

The “Summer School” is part of the continuity of partnerships undertaken several years ago by the CEERE with various universities – Vienna, Karlsruhe, Yale… – and various associations working on ethics, such as Médecins du Monde, le Cercle éthique des Affaires, ALSA and others.

A university open to Europe

Students and their teachers will be invited to build a course of study in which Europe occupy a privileged position. The training aims to clarify deepen and discuss various ethical perspectives, taking care to brig to light these complex issues particularly European philosophical and cultural dimension.



Keynote Lectures

  • Metaphors of Ethical thinking in the European tradition
  • Europe, Ethics and Human rights
  • Autonomy and dignity
  • Ethics and vulnerability: the contribution of Emmanuel Levinas
  • Being or having a body
  • Technology as a challenge for ethics: an overview with historical accents
  • The responsibility of consumers for sustainable development
  • Solidarity and Justice


  • Ethics and humanitarian considerations
  • Prison and humanitarian considerations
  • Ethics and vulnerability: towards a philosophy of care
  • Ethics and human rights
  • Man and technology
  • Economics and Ethics
  • Ethical questions raised by the coverage
  • Self-determination


  • Ethics and the pharmaceutical industry: Basel, Switzerland  
  • Ethics and the environment: Freiburg, Germany 
  • Ethics, architecture and urban mobility: Strasbourg, France 


The detailed program of seminars is available on:


Scientific Council

AWADA Thérèse, Université de Strasbourg

BENAROYO Lazare, Université de Lausanne

ELGER Bernice, Université de Genève

GEBEL Hélène, Université de Strasbourg

HASSELMANN Michel, Université de Strasbourg

HEIMBACH‐STEINS Marianne, Westfälische Wilhelms‐Universität Münster

MARING Matthias, Karlsruher Institut für Technologie

MULLER Sigrid, Universität Wien

PETER Marie‐Christine, Université de Strasbourg

SADOK Hocine, Université de Haute Alsace

SEELMANN Kurt, Universität Basel Juristische Fakultät


THIEL Marie‐Jo, Université de Strasbourg

Partnerships and collaboration 

Partner Universities

University of Freiburg
University of Genève
University of Mulhouse
University of Karlsruhe
University of Lausanne
University of Münster
University of Strasbourg
University of Wien

Stakeholders from various institutions

Centre for Clinical Ethics Cochin
Council of Europe
European Court of Human Rights
European Parliament

Stakeholders from various associations

Médecins sans frontières
Médecins du Monde
Mouvement du Nid

With the financial support of

General Council of Bas‐Rhin (funding requested ‐ current folder)
General Council of Haut‐Rhin (funding requested ‐ current folder)
Alsace Regional Council (funding requested ‐ current folder)
Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst
Franco‐German University


Contacts and Registration


CEERE / Université de Strasbourg 
4 rue Kirschleger 
FR‐67085 Strasbourg Cedex  

Journalists interested in interviewing one or the other stakeholders or to be invited to attend all or part of the program are invited to contact the CEERE or more precisely  
Hélène Gebel : (06) 89 07 24 19 


Registration: Deadline for registration: April 30, 2013

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