Ethos in brief

Ethos is a research platform which answers to demands in the field of ethics. The interdisciplinary confrontation of academic disciplines with social practices facilitates the emergence of new knowledge.

Ethos wants to reflect upon big contemporary issues by adopting an interdisciplinary perspective in ethics. To achieve this goal, the platform gathers researchers in the domains of humanities, social sciences and natural sciences, with actors of the civil society. Ethos is particularly interested in the following themes:

  • ethics and care;
  • ethics, finitude and ecology;

Ethos fosters collaborations between the faculties of the University of Lausanne to organise conferences, seminars, workshops, and to conduct interdisciplinary research at a national and international level. Besides, Ethos promotes interdisciplinary ethics within continuous training. The University Hospital of the Canton de Vaud (CHUV) and the Lausanne Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) are its privileged partners.