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Initial Training Networks (ITN)

  1. Christian Hardtke - BRAVISSIMO
    Brassinosteroid venture increasing students international mobility
  2. Michel Jaboyedoff - CHANGES
    Changing Hydro-Meteorological Risks, As Analyzed by A New Generation of European Scientists
  3. Mehdi Tafti - NINA
    Neurendocrine immune network in ageing
  4. Tatiana Petrova - VESSEL
    Neurendocrine immune network in ageing


Intra-European Fellowships (IEF)

  1. Emilie Ait Yahya Graison (prof. Reymond)  - CNVIMPACTGEXP
    Deep Surveying of CNV Impact on Mouse Transcriptome complexity and regulation
  2. Thomas Curie (Dr Franken) - REDOXSLEEPCIRCADIAN
    Redox Potential as an interface between Sleep homeostasis and circadian Rhytms
  3. Stephen Depuydt (prof. Hardtke) - BRXTRAFFIC
    Plasma Membrane to nucleus trafBicking of the transcriptional co-activator BRX -characterization Of a novel hormone signalling pathway in plants
  4. Eavan Dorcey (prof. Hardtke) - NATSYNTHLETHALARA
    Dissecting the molecular basis of deleterious genetic interactions involving naturally occurring alleles in Arabidopsis
  5. Tino Dornbusch (prof. Fankhauser) - SAS-ARABIDOPSIS-GWA
    Exploring natural variation of Shade Avoidance Syndrome in Arabidopsis using high-throughput phenotyping and Genome wide association studies
  6. Jorge Loscos (prof. Farmer) - MALONDIPLANT
    Origin, localisation and biological function of malondialdehyde in plant
  7. Joop Vermeer (prof. Geldner) - CASDEV
    The role of Casparian Strip formation et degradation in primary and lateral root development


International Incoming Fellowships (IIF)

  1. Erika Yashiro (prof. van der Meer) - MP-Alps
    Examination Of the relationship between microbial and plant diversity across large spatial and elevational gradients to predict community migration patterns as a function of climate change 


International Outgoing Fellowships (IOF)

  1. Caroline Angelard (prof. Sanders) - AMFGENDIV
    Environmental heterogeneity and AMFgenetic diversity
  2. Julien Roux (prof. Robinson-Rechavi) - PRIMATE_REG_EVOL
    A comparative genomic study of the contribution of epigenetic mechanisms to regulatory evolution in primates


Industry Academia Partnership Pathways (IAPP)

  1. Suzanne de Tréville - Keeping Jobs in EU
    How Revolutionary queuing based modelling software helps keeping jobs in Europe. The Creation of a lead time reduction software that increases industry competitiveness and supports academic research