Standard Questionnaire

The various questionnaires proposed have been drawn up in collaboration with the Commission de l’Enseignement. They provide basic quantitative and qualitative data on the functioning of your teaching from the students' point of view.

Durée 10 minutes during a teaching session

Nombre de participant·e·s  all the students


 10 days to get the students’ opinion
 5-10 days to receive the results file


  1. Check the detailed principles for an evaluation using a questionnaire (complement the Principles for a successful evaluation)
  2. Look at the questionnaire and think about the changes you would like to make, where appropriate
  3. Request the evaluation: Have your UNIL details with you and go to the evaluation platform: (instructions for use). You’ll be able to ask for questionnaires adaptations or to ask for advice/help. If in doubt about the platform use, please contact us:
  4. In doubt about your situation? Our team will gladly assist you in this process:

Additional documents/tools:


The questionnaires available

You will find a PDF version of the questionnaires below, as an example only.
Questionnaire evaluations are carried out primarily in the online format.

Code / title of the basic template


CO / course

télécharger download

COTC / course with additional activities

télécharger download

SE / workshop

télécharger download

TP / exercise sessions

télécharger download

EL / language teaching


CT / field camp


PS / sports practices


Additional questions on the perception of being included: download 


Detailed principles for an evaluation by questionnaire

These points complement the general principles for successful evaluation.

1. Planning

We suggest that you give 10-15 minutes to your students during class to fill in the questionnaire. Thus, try to find the most suitable time to plan this sending (see point 4 for timeframe). This will prevent the students from being overloaded and help achieve high response rates.

2. Preparing

Choose the tool – connection to the online platform - customization

There are different templates available, with or without a block of questions concerning online teaching and distance learning. All basic templates are available on the evaluation platform as well as in PDF format below (as an example only). Questions on the perception of being included in a teaching can also be added to any questionnaire when you submit your request on the platform. 

If you would like to modify or create a brand new questionnaire adapted to your specific needs, contact us !

3. Informing

Why – When – How

In order to obtain a satisfying response rate, we recommend to communicate about this survey with your students. You may inform them of this process beforehand, explaining them the utility of the evaluation to you, as well as the ways and means that are used (see next item).

4. Waiting 

Sending -> +3 days reminder 1 -> +3 days reminder 2 -> +3 days closure -> min. 5 days receipt of the results / meeting

Each student will receive an e-mail from to their institutional address at a time of your choosing. This e-mail contains a unique link to access the online questionnaire. Their responses are anonymous. All results will be sent to you after anonymisation, apart from comments about the person instead of the teaching.

In order to give all students enough time, we suggest that you leave the questionnaire open for about 10 days. A reminder or two can also be sent automatically to those who have not responded in the meantime a few days later. An indicative schedule is provided on the platform. The various deadlines can of course be extended or shortened, depending on the schedule you have drawn up beforehand.

Responses to the online questionnaires are automatically forwarded to the CSE.
The results are compiled, analysed and sent to you by e-mail within 5 working days after the closing date of the questionnaire (more if a summary is drawn up). Depending on demand and possible adjustments, the time taken to produce the results may be longer.

A confidential meeting session with the CSE is mandatory under Directive 3.22 when the average agreement to the different questions of an SET is less than 60% of the respondents. A contextualised evaluation report is written, summarising the elements discussed during the session. You are the only recipient of this document.


Time period 
→ Planning of your evaluation : minimum 5 working days before the date chosen for the assessment
→ Customisation of a tool : 3 additional working days

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